10 Facts You Should Know About Dogs

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There are a number of basic things you should know about your pet dog. Here are the top ten:

1. First of all, a dog is not a human in disguise. A dog is a dog and he will never change his dog behavior because you don’t treat him like a dog. A dog’s psyche is hardly comparable to a human’s psyche. Also, he is not a baby and he won’t understand you if you tell him in all details that he has to stay in the car while you are going into the store andyou will be back in about five minutes.

2. A dog has an extremely sensitive nose. He can even smell the chemistry in your body. You sure know the phrase that a dog can smell your fear. That is very close to the truth because he can smell even smallest concentrations of butyric acid in your perspiration. And if you are in fear of something, you will inevitably have amounts of butyric acid in your sweat and a canine will inevitably smell that.

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3. Running and exercising is the favorite pastime of every healthy dog. So walk your dog as long as you can – he will love you!

4. Most of the day – at least 12 hours – the common dog spends sleeping. So don’t wonder if you see your dog almost all of the day snoozing on his bed. But hey.. if no one decides to play with him or let him herd some sheep.. what should he do all day long?

5. As you know, there are many different breeds of dogs that have been created over thousands of years. Every single breed has its own unique abilities and physical appearance. For example, the German Shepherd is built for herding sheep and similar animals. His power, speed and intelligence are oriented on the needs of herding. In the same way, the dachshund’s physique is ideal for getting into foxes’ dens and drive the foxes out straight into the arms of the awaiting hunters.

6. What a dog definitely needs to maintain a healthy body and mind, is a pack and especially a leader. I wil lexplain to you how to act as the pack leader in another article in the near future – you will find it here on the site!

7. Don’t feed your dog bones of chicken or other poultry bones as it is possible that this type of bone can – due to their physical attributes – easily splinter and these splinters can damage the canine esophagus. These injuries can be very serious, so don’t risk it!

8. Also, don’t give a dog your table scraps. First, it is not your personal garbage can. Second, this behavior makes sure your dog will get bad teeth and will grow fat. And you don’t want to have a fat dog with yellow teeth, do you? It’s for his and your own good if you resist his health and good looks.

9. Chocolate is poison for dogs! But still it is as tasty to them as it is for you. As a caring dog owner, don’t let your dog come close to chocolate! Also, onions, grapes and raisins should never be fed to a dog. The reason of the toxicity of these foods is the chemical theobromine, that is similar to caffeine which most animals can only hardly and slow digest.

10. This is the last and most important hint for dog owners. Reward your dog instead of punishing it. Neither you nor your dog will improve in any way, if you begin to shout at him, beat him or lock him into somewhere for punishment. Instead, you should reward him when he has done something right. BUT that does not mean you should let your dog do everything. Show him the limits with determination and conviction, not with scared or angry screaming.

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