Five Helpful Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe During The WinterFive Helpful Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe During The Winter

Now that cold weather is quickly coming upon us, it is time to break out the winter gear in order to protect every member of the family. The family includes the dogs who we have cared for and grown to love. They deserve just as much attention and care when it comes to keeping them safe from the cold weather that surrounds us. The following tips will allow you to be sure that your furry friends are happy and healthy all throughout the winter.

 A Good, Healthy Walk

Although the conditions may not be comfortable for everyone concerned, dogs still need to be walked in the winter. However, there are some hazards that exist in winter that dogs do not face the rest of the year. Their paws are vulnerable to the cold weather and any chemicals that may be on streets and side walks. Owners should wipe their paws with a cloth and warm water in order to be sure that they remain warm and that no salts or magnesium chloride put onto streets will come back into the home with them.

 A Guard Against the Cold

Dogs can be more comfortable and completely adorable when given small coats and sweaters. Owners must be sure that these items fits correctly, however. Should anything on their bodies such as dog collars and sweaters be too tight, then the loss of circulation will actually cause them to be more cold when they are facing low temperatures.

 A Retreat for the Night

Dogs need more than a dog house to beat the low temperatures in the majority of the country. Dog houses that have hay and other padding in them still drop to temperatures that are only a few degrees warmer than those outside. Prepare a bed or appropriate area where the dog can sleep indoors during the night when the temperatures plummet.

Keep an Eye on Water

The colder temperatures can cause water bowls to freeze and present hazards to your dog. Warm the bowls before they drink to avoid the danger of their tongue freezing to the bowl. Additionally, check the water several times a day to ensure that it is still liquid. It is wise to switch out metal bowls for plastic or ceramic ones during the winter as well.

Hazardous Surroundings

Many dogs die or become injured each year from falling through ice on frozen ponds. When walking your dog near an area such as this, be sure to have them on a leash for their own protection.

With this information guarding you and your pet against the cold, you are free to enjoy any winter wonderland that may be heading your way. Keep them warm, keep them safe, and this valued member of the family will love the holidays as well.


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