7 Tips For Stopping Your Dog’s Excessive Barking

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If you have guidelines, “a guide” and pointers concerning how to do it, any type of task becomes simpler. Also, using this type of help you are more likely to succeed with it. That is true for most things and it’s also true for stopping your dog’s excessive barking. For a lot of people, 7 is thought to be a lucky number, a number of good fortune. So, in the spirit of making things easier and of good fortune to help you, the various readers, listed below are the top seven tips for stop annoying dog barking:

1. Don’t yell at your dog when trying to teach him to control his barking. Try to be patient since teaching dogs to control their barking is a very slow process. It takes time for dogs to learn so don’t expect your dog to obey you on your first attempt.This will be critically important because raising your voice will likely have the opposite effect.

If you are unable to control your own voice you will most likely fail at teaching your dog to control his.

2. Try using a squirt gun with clean fresh water to stop the dog’s barking.. This is very important because you need to get their attention before they will listen to your commands.

3. Another way to get their attention is to slap a rolled up newspaper in your hand. . This should temporarily break their obsession with barking since the sound will startle them..

4. Similarly, tossing an object that makes noise somewhere near them can be helpful in redirecting their attention. A keyring full of keys, a rattle or similar noise maker should do the trick. .

5. Another possible way to stop the barking is to give your dog several interesting chew toys to play with. Often times, dogs start barking simply out of sheer boredom. Pay particular attention to this step if you must leave your dog unattended for a lengthy period of time.

6. Be prepared to reward your dog when he follows your command. As with most training, the judicious use of treats as rewards for positive behaviors can be very effective when training your dog to be quiet. .

7. Be consistent in your training efforts. Always use the same command word when working with your dog on controlling his barking. If you switch between “NO”, “QUIET”, “STOP IT”, and other commands you’ll only confuse the dog. Pick one command word and stick with it..

Follow these 7 tips for stopping your dog’s excessive barking and you will probably find life easier for you, get good results and relish the the resulting silence.

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