Adoptable Dog of the Day – Ichabod the Poodle

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Ichabod is a one-year old male Poodle who is awaiting adoption in a foster home sponsored by the Underdog ResQ organization in Boston, Massachusetts.

Ichabod’s Story

Ichabod - Click My Photo for More Information

Ichabod - Click My Photo for More Information

Washington Irving was a very creative fellow but I don’t think even he could have dreamed me up. I’m the sweetest and most lovable pup you’ll ever meet, and that’s not fiction.

I have the characteristic thin frame of a poodle. I’m lean, lanky and silly as can be. I’m probably around a year old — my goofy, awkward disposition is a telltale sign of my young age. Irving compared his Ichabod to a grasshopper; that’s a pretty accurate description of me. My gangly legs give me the ability to hop with the best of them. And, I often stand upright and move my front legs up and down (paws bent at the wrists) to signal to my people that I would like some love and attention.

Although I do enjoy occasional exercise, I am not hyper. I am more likely to try to curl up next to you than to run amok and destroy things. Toys are pretty new to me so I am still figuring out how they work. However, I do enjoy them. If you offer me something to play with I will take it happily and flop around with it for a while. Sometimes I will pick up something that is not a toy but, if you tell me to, I will bring it to you and drop it immediately. I hate to make my humans upset and work very hard to be a good boy.

I am quite the comedian — my ridiculous antics will keep you giggling for hours on end. I have a hard time taking life seriously; why should I when there’s so much fun to be had?

I am crate-trained and will climb in voluntarily and lay down (with the promise of a cookie, of course). How I got this way, however, is kind-of sad. There are small areas on my body that lack hair. The positioning of these spots indicates that I spent most of my early life in a crate.

My history is unknown, I was found wandering the streets (I know! Can you imagine?!!)
It’s hard to believe that someone could possibly part with me but I think it’s for the best — now I can find a family that will offer me as much love and affection as I offer to everyone and everything around me.

And now a little more about me: My hobbies include giving kisses, snuggling, going on walks, and playing with each and every pooch I encounter. I am a friendly little guy and have yet to make an enemy. I am extremely gentle and would be good with children. However, in case you haven’t noticed, I am a little on the scrawny side so children would need to be old enough to understand how to treat me.

I am a BIG cuddler. I will pretty much do a somersault into your lap to be in your arms. And, if you scratch my chest we’ll be best friends for life — okay, I’ll be your best friend anyway but I still love a good chest rub.

I am a smart little guy and am very receptive to commands. I will come running each and every time you call. Also, I am a quick learner and am picking up this potty-training thing. I will need an owner that is willing to dedicate time to training me — I am eager to please and my foster parents have no doubts that I will grow into the perfect pet. Just give me a chance and I’ll come running into your arms and we can spend a lifetime snuggling.


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