Canine Photo of the Day: Bullwinkle, the Great Dane

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Bullwinkle, a 3 Year Old Great Dane

Bullwinkle, a 3 Year Old Great Dane

Bullwinkle is a 3 year old harlequin male with natural ears who is looking for his very own forever home. He’s a very big boy, but he’s also a chicken!!! He likes cats, could care less about them. When in his kennel, he barks and growls and shows his teeth when people pass, but it’s because he is clearly terrified – tail completely tucked, backing up. Don’t let that turn you off, he’s actually easy to get out of the kennel, once you open the gate he starts the tail wagging and is ready to come out. He will lean all over you, just about knocking you down. Bullwinkle loves to have his butt rubbed, will stand all day for that. He will guard his food from another dog, but is fine with people. He is still nervous around new people but he will investigate them if they move slowly and calmly with him. He responds very nicely to petting and talking and was even wagging his tail. He loves to carry a toy around with him even when he goes out to pee.. will play fetch and bring it back and drop what ever (ball, Frisbee) at your feet. He’s not a very active dog but will play. He is definitely a gentleman.

You can learn more about Bullwinkle and the wonderful folks at Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue, New York Chapter, by clicking on his photo.

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