Canine Photo of the Day – Cotton, An Albino Doberman

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Cotton is a handsome one and a half year old albino Doberman Pinscher being cared for by the Doberman Rescue of the Triad located in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Probably unlike any Doberman you’ve ever seen, he’s just full of the dickens, bursting with energy and good will, brimming with enthusiasm and joy.  It’s almost as though the pigment that is absent from his coloration has been transformed into extra measures of all the joyful qualities that Dobermans normally have with the result that he is just an in-your-face love.

Cotton, an Albino Doberman Pinscher

Cotton, an Albino Doberman Pinscher

He has the “Doberman-lean” down pat; he couldn’t leave the photographer alone but had to kiss her while she was trying to photograph him; he pulls on his leash as he tries to get to all that potential fun that is ever a step ahead; he wants to play all the time; but will also settle down for cuddling time.

Cotton is desperate to find a very special forever home. As an albino, he is prone to the typical health problems associated with this gene pool:  lack of pigmentation, skin allergies, sensitivity to light, etc.  What has recently been discovered is that Cotton lacks several “factors” that allow his blood to clot – this became evident from several severe bleeding incidents that resulted after “microchipping” and chewing on hard food and treats.

Now that you’ve seen Cotton and some of what he has experienced on his way to a forever home, come by and have a look.  Meet him if you dare, but you’d better be serious about wanting a dog and being able to care for him for the rest of his life, because this boy is going to be next to impossible to walk away from once you’ve met him.

For additional information about Cotton and his special needs, please click on his photo.

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