Choosing The Right Pet Food For My Jack Russell

Choosing The Right Pet Food For My Jack Russell

My Jack Russell terrier Titch is a real fussy eater and I have tried lots of supermarket brands on him and he just doesn’t seem to like them. I’ve started to look online and have noticed that here there is better choice and the natural food pouches are a lot cheaper than buying them from a retail pet shop. Basically I’ve been looking around a lot and now have narrowed it down to 3 brands and I would really appreciate some help from the rest of you guys by giving me any input on them and any other experiences you’ve had with online companies.

The first brand I’m looking at is called Acana dog food, the manufacturer says it is based in Canada and has a special blend of high protein and low carb foods. They also claim that they put fruits and vegetables in their food to help give dogs a balanced diet and the right fibres to ensure that their digestive system is working properly.

Also I am looking at JWB Dog Food because I know that some pedigree owners use this food and I have seen it recommended on a lot of other forums. They have a wide range of pet foods and what looks to be some pretty decent flavours as well and I’m sure Titch would like them.

As smaller breeds are prone to getting heart disease I don’t want to fill him up on lots of fatty foods and have him overweight. I’m going for a sort of lean and mean look so something that is high in proteins and does not make my dog put on excessive weight would be ideal. Another food that promises this type of diet is Pro Plan dog food, reading about them their dog food actually looks pretty good and they have a range for small dogs as well.

Overall as any owner can imagine going onto the Internet simply doesn’t help you because there is so much to choose from. Every single product has something good written about it so I would really like to hear from some other owners (especially if there are any Jack Russell owners out there) who would be able to give me some advice.

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