Boston Terrier

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Title: Boston Terriers – The Ultimate No Mess Or Fuss Pet

Author: Abhik Sarkar

Article: Where do Boston Terriers come from?- The first Boston terrier called Hooper’s Judge, was a cross between an English Bulldog and White English Terrier, bred in the United States of America in the 1860’s. The dogs were originally bred for pit fighting purposes.

Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

Features and appearance – Boston Terriers also known as Boston Bull Terriers are small breed dogs. They are rather stocky with broad chests and arched necks. The terriers have short, rather small, fat faces with boxy noses and very pointy ears. They have dark, bright eyes, prominently positioned. Pelt colors range from mixtures of black and white, brown and white or brindle and white. They are very easy to groom with no shaving and minimum brushing required. These little dogs are clean-cut with no mess or fuss.

Doggy dimensions – Standing tall at rather impressive 38 to 43 cm for a small dog and weighing in at between 5-11 Kilograms, these dogs are well built when comparing their height to weight. However there are International show weight standards for Boston’s of no less than 5 Kilograms or more than 12.5 Kilograms to fall within a perfect range. It is very important that the dogs’ frame be considered when the weight is calculated.

Perfect Personality- These dogs have perfect personalities being both strong and loving. However it is important to keep in mind that animals have different personalities just as humans do, ranging form charming to plain rude. Boston’s tend to be a little neurotic and this can lead to over activeness and non-stop yapping. A great advantage to the breed is the ease of training due to the dogs’ super intelligence, voice tone sensitivity and eagerness to learn new things. Boston terriers are wonderful house dogs once trained. The method of training employed is the most important facet to determine ultimate success and duration of training process.

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Strict or harsh training methods should be avoided entirely as it will just pressurize and increase nerves of the already hyperactive dog.

Health problems- Due to inbreeding and poor breeding practice Boston’s generally have more health problems than other dogs especially in the form of mental retardation. Some chronic problems include snoring, grunting, drooling and breathing difficulties. Eye problems are common due to the prominent positioning of the eyes. Natural births are very rare due to the narrow shape of the pelvis and large head-size of the puppies.

Healthy pet- Balance is key to keeping your doggy happy and health. Work out a balanced exercise and dietary program to eliminate over-activity and illness. Long walks, running and playing is a must to the fitness regime. Severe gases and obesity can be cause be fatty and high fiber diets.

Adaptable animals- These animals are the easiest creatures in terms of adapting to smallest or largest spaces. All the dog’s need is enough play space and a street or park to walk minimum twice daily.

Age Expectancy- The dog’s age expectancy is dependent upon his or her diet and level of activity. Your little yank companion can reach age 15 years and older.

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