Dog DNA Testing: Discover Your Mixed Breed Dog’s Heritage

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Have you ever been curious about your mixed breed dog and wondered whether she’s really a Beagle-Boxer like you’ve believed all these years? Fortunately there is now a low-cost and accurate way to find out with a simple genetic test.

Why Knowing Your Dog’s Breed Heritage Is Important

Why would you want to know your mixed breed dog’s makeup? Aside from just plain ol’ curiosity, knowing your dog’s “heritage” breed can help you understand health and wellness issues related to that breed. The common belief that mixed breed dogs don’t get genetic diseases is simply not true. So, for example, if your dog is found to be primarily Labrador Retriever, then you and your veterinarian might keep an eye out for joint-related health problems like hip dysplasia.

Another valuable benefit is that you gain a better understanding of your dog’s temperament and behavior. Every dog breed has a different overall temperament so when you discover that your gentle mixed breed is great with kids it’s probably because she’s primarily Golden Retriever!

The Canine Heritage Breed Mail-In Test Kit

The first readily available method of DNA testing, the Canine Heritage Breed Test, compares your mixed breed dog’s DNA with over 100 breeds that represent about 90% of dog breeds.  The Canine Heritage Breed Test is the first DNA-based breed test, giving mixed breed dog owners the opportunity to find out just what breeds comprise their beloved four-legged family member. By comparing DNA markers found in your pet with those specific to over 100 different purebred dog breeds, the Canine Heritage Breed Test can identify the breed composition of your mix breed dog and report that information to you, the proud pet parent, in a Certificate of DNA Breed Analysis.

The Canine Heritage Breed Test collects a DNA sample from the inside of your dog’s cheek. This non-invasive approach does not require collection of a blood sample or the expertise of a veterinarian. The in-home test sample can be collected easily and quickly.

Test results are in the form of a certificate stating, in order of genetic influence, what your dog’s primary breed, secondary, and “in the mix” breeds are. Your dog will only have a primary breed listed if one of his parents is purebred.

Click the following link additional information, or to order the Canine Heritage Dog-Breed Mail-In Test Kit.

The Wisdom Panel Insights Dog DNA Test

The Wisdom Panel test, by Mars Veterinary, requires a visit to your veterinarian and a blood sample. This test detects 130 AKC recognized breeds and thus is more precise than the Canine Heritage test. However, it is a  more expensive test, with veterinarian fees, and is more difficult to administer.

The test is administered by veterinarians during a routine veterinary visit such as a new puppy vet visit or as part of an adult dog’s annual examination visit – where a small sample of blood is drawn. Within just two to three weeks following the test, Mars Veterinary will provide owners and veterinarians a customized, comprehensive report that includes the dog’s breed analysis and detailed information on the appearance and potential behavioral characteristics of the detected breeds. Dog owners can work together with their vets to interpret the test data and create targeted care and wellness plans for their dogs based on their test results.

The Mars Wisdom Panel Test kit is available through this link: Wisdom Panel Insights Dog DNA Test

Finding out what breeds are in your dog’s genetic makeup will not only satisfy your curiosity, but will also give you invaluable health and behavioral information.

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