Five Cost-Effective Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Health

Scratching HuskyHome remedies are preferred by many pet owners as a cost-effective way to keep their animals healthy. Additionally, toxic substances are avoidable in some cases, which makes home remedies better for everyone as well as the environment. Efficient home remedies are part of a holistic style of living.

End Those Flea Infestations Today

Dogs are susceptible to catching fleas whenever they venture outdoors. Left unchecked, a flea infestation is sure to result. While there are many insecticides on the market, they are both costly and toxic. Making your own flea repellent with natural household ingredients is easy and effective.

Citrus oil spray is a great deterrent for fleas and it’s simple to make up at home. Just boil some water, pour it over a sliced lemon, and then soak the fruit overnight. Next day, fill an empty spray bottle with the lemon water. This solution is for spraying on your pet’s fur, especially when they are going outside. Fleas are repelled and your pet enjoys a delightfully refreshing scent. Moreover, if your pet cleans itself by licking its coat, the spray won’t jeopardize its health.

Additionally, Brewer’s yeast works wonders to keep biting fleas at bay. This useful product comes in both boxed powder and capsule forms. Sprinkle either into the pet’s food daily, and fleas will look elsewhere for their next victim. Naturally, Brewer’s yeast is a natural and safe ingredient for your beloved critter.

Chamomile Tea Works Wonders

One very easy way to treat colic and minor skin problems is with chamomile tea. Just apply cooled tea to the affected area and watch your pet breathe a sigh of relief. Chamomile tea instantly destroys harmful irritating bacteria on the animal’s skin. Itching and pain from infections is effectively minimized by this herbal tea.

Natural Ways To Treat Cushing’s Disease

If your dog experiences ongoing skin problems, an increase in appetite and thirst, loss of muscle tissue resulting in spindly legs, excessive panting and is becoming overweight, your precious pet may be developing Cushing’s Disease. This disease, which attacks pets in middle to old age, involves the endocrine gland system. Furthermore, it involves the growth of a tumor in either the adrenal or pituitary glands, which causes the animal’s system to create excessive cortisol. Cortisol is a natural body steroid, but when too much of it is produced a variety of symptoms that may slowly appear.

Cushing’s disease remedies that show remarkable success include a pet diet high in pumpkin, melatonin, fish oil and flaxseed lignans. A small amount of pureed pumpkin is easy to hide in a dog’s food, but be careful not to use too much as this causes diarrhea. Melatonin is available in drug stores, as are the other two additives.

Replenishing Fluids During Illness

Dogs need to keep hydrated when they are ill, just like their human companions. If diarrhea or vomiting is occurring, your pet should receive liquid containing electrolytes instead of plain water. Athlete’s sports waters or fluids made for pediatric use work well; however, it is best to give your animal friend one that is unflavored.

Relieving Itchy Skin

Oatmeal is a fabulous way to treat skin that itches for a variety of reasons. Soaking in a tepid bath with one cup of oatmeal added will thank you for the immediate relief. This works well for allergies, infections and other factors that cause itchy skin.

Before you rush to your local veterinarian, try some of these methods using products found in most homes. Holistic living is becoming increasingly regarded as the healthiest lifestyle for humans and their animal counterparts. For health problems that continue despite these homeopathic pet remedies, please seek the advice of a professional.

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