How To Stop A Dog From Jumping On People

One of the biggest complaints dog owners have is that their dogs jump on people. They jump on their owners, they jump on guests, they jump on every human being that comes near them. It isn’t quite a monumental problem when the dog is small, but a medium to larger dog can do some serious damage to adults, and absolutely devastate a child when they jump on them. You have tried everything to stop a dog from jumping on people, haven’t you? The down command, the off command, yelling, a quick spanking, and anything else you can think of. Why doesn’t any of this work? And why does your dog keep jumping on people? How do you stop a jumping dog?

Well, first let us look at the reason your dog jumps on people. We have a little bad news for you, this problem is your fault. Remember when your dog was a cuddly little puppy? She would run up to you, and she was just so cute, and you encouraged her to jump up in your lap, and then you gave her lots of love? There you go. She remembers those times, and is looking to recreate it with you and everyone else. It’s not her fault, as she doesn’t have a clue that she is now an Eighty pound beast that could knock over a small car.

Fortunately, it doesn’t really matter who’s fault it is, what matters now is how to stop your dog from jumping on people. Lucky for you, the cure is rather simple, if you have a little patience, can get all the humans that come into your house to play along, and you are consistent.

So, how do you stop a jumping dog?

You ignore him.

That’s right, you simply ignore him. He is looking for attention and affection, nothing more. When he jumps up on you, or someone else, you simply cross your arms and turn away from him.

It’s that simple.

How does this work?

Dogs are wonderful creatures, and most dog owners will tell you that their dog is special because they can sense when their owners are sad or upset, and the dog will try to console their owners. Actually, it isn’t a case of heightened awareness, dogs just respond to body language, and so body language is the best way to stop a dog from jumping on people.

There is one more step you need to take to stop a jumping dog. As soon as the jumping dog has all four paws on the ground, shower her with praise. A dog’s “training memory” is very short, and she will associate her paws on the ground with your praise.

The change you are looking for in your dog’s behavior will not happen over night, but if you are consistent and patient, your dog will eventually figure it out and will stop jumping on people.

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