Is Animal Communication Possible?

I was introduced to animals as a small child and always felt more relaxed and sure of myself whilst in their company. Often I wondered as I chatted away to them, how much they understood. Could they talk? Was animal communication real?

At the age of ten I was taken to see the original Dr. Doolittle film staring Rex Harrison. I was transfixed! Here was a man who could really talk to the animals! With my sweets left untouched, I sat on the edge of my seat completely captivated by this magical film.

That innocent childlike film stirred so many passions within me. I knew the animals were special, and somewhere in the deep recesses of my soul I knew they could talk. I was ecstatic and very enthusiastic about my future as an animal communicator.

Sadly my dad didn’t share in my dreams. He was rather perplexed when he told me the film wasn’t real, it was purely a piece of fantasy. You can’t talk to the animals, and they can’t talk to you. After all, they are only animals!

I grew up a little sadder and more disillusioned. I was never aware of talking to the animals but I knew they were far more intelligent than most people gave them credit for. I became aware of their feelings and emotions and secretly hoped that maybe Heaven was a place where we could all communicate with the animals. Maybe the magic existed there.

I sat there one night stroking him, talking gently, wondering what to do, when I was suddenly flooded with images; pictures of where Sullivan was born, the state of his mother and how severe his illness was. I then heard the words, ‘I’ve come to help you.’

It didn’t hit me at first that I was communicating with my dog; all I was aware of was his illness and sadness. I was also puzzled. How could he help me? I was supposed to be helping him!

As the weeks passed it became obvious that Sullivan had come to help me learn animal communication. He had somehow got through my doubts and spoke to me. Bless him! Having realised my dream was within my grasp, I took my animal communication studies seriously. I now speak dog, cat, horse, rabbit and fish and I don’t need the stethoscope!

About the Author:
Soo Winter is an writer and animal carer. Click this link for your FREE 40 min audio introduction into the fantastic world of animal communication. Learn Animal Communication FREE 40 min audio CD for more general information visit the website Animal Communication Training

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