Jolin, the Miniature Schnauzer from Taiwan

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This absolutely adorable little Schnauzer is named Jolin. She is currently being cared for by the good people at Sweet Home Rescue in Irvine, California but her tale actually begins in Taiwan.

Jolin is a mini Schnauzer who was dumped outside a famous temple in central Taiwan. She had skin disease and had had at least 2 litters of puppies. She was always sleeping under a street lamp where the street vendors said Jolin’s previous owner abandoned her.

Dog lover Ping works and lives at this temple and noticed that Jolin stayed outside the temple for a few months. However, she was not allowed to feed stray animals not to mention taking in a stray dog. Sadly, many people dump their old or sick dogs or even new born puppies (especially those with white hair on their paws – believed to bring bad luck) in front of the temple because they think the Buddhist nuns will feed them.

Early one morning Ping heard lots of dogs barking. She went out to check and saw a garbage collector  catching stray dogs with thin wired loop. This is a dangerous tool for catching dogs that can cause serious injury.

In Taiwan, garbage collectors are responsible for catching stray dogs. Dogs have life too and they are not garbage. When they collect enough for a load, the garbage truck is driven to a garbage dump. The stray dogs would be left there for their owners to come and collect them. But 9 out of 10 are unwanted dogs so they eventually starve to death.

Ping was there in time to stop the garbage collector from catching Jolin. Ping told them that Jolin was her dog and that she looked after the rest of the dogs in the garbage truck. However, the garbage collector refused to release the dogs already in the truck. Jolin was the only dog she could save.

Ping took Jolin to the vet for a thorough health check up and had her spayed and vaccinated. Jolin was then brought to Southern California by Sweet Home Rescue. She is a healthy girl ready to be adopted by someone who is willing to give her tender loving care.

For more information about Jolin and Sweet Home Rescue, please click on Jolin’s photo.


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