Orthopedic Dog Beds

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Orthopedic Dog Beds

As your dog ages, it’s quite possible that canine arthritis or hip dysplasia may begin to cause him significant discomfort. This is especially true if he is a large breed or has put on excess weight.  Having your large or older dog sleep on the floor is not really a good idea.
A specialized orthopedic dog bed is designed to help alleviate joint and back pain by supporting the dog’s frame while still providing a comfortable place to sleep or just “chill out”.
Orthopedic Dog Bed

Orthopedic Dog Bed

There are quite a few dog bed designs with a variety of padding materials.
– One of the most common padding materials is egg crate foam.  Although this may be great for smaller dogs, it may not be advisable for use by dogs with joint problems as the filling is often too thin.
– Another foam material that is becoming more readily available in dog beds is memory foam. You may have a mattress or pillow made from this modern material for yourself.  It is a durable, elastic foam that has the ability to adjust to the shape of the dog’s contours yet return to its original shape when the dog gets up.  Since memory foam is relatively light weight, these beds are easier to move from place to place.
– Gel-filled mattresses are also available. However memory foam may prove more beneficial since it conforms to the dog’s body.
Most orthopedic dog beds are constructed with a rigid frame into which a foam mattress inserted. Most are also lower to the ground, reducing the possibility of  injuries sustained from jumping from an elevated location  such as a bed or couch.
Waterproof orthopedic dog beds are also available. These beds have an impermeable polyester cover designed to keep out moisture, much the same as outdoor furniture. Whenever my dog has a bath, the first thing he does is to throw himself on his bed and roll around.  Similarly, when returning from a swim or being caught in the rain during a walk, you’ll be glad you have a waterproof orthopedic dog bed.
A waterproof dog bed is also ideal for older dogs who experience problems with urinary incontinence while sleeping. If your dog has this problem you may find it important to ensure that the dog bed you are considering has a covering that is stain resistant and machine washable.
You may want to determine if  the orthopedic dog bed you’re looking into has a comfortable outer cover that is stain resistant and machine washable.  Also consider the bed covering’s resistance to fleas and ticks, various allergens and odors.
Why not make sure that your best friend is as comfortable as possible in his later years. I’m sure you know that if your roles were reversed, your dog would stop at nothing to make sure you have a comfy place to curl up.  :-)

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