Probably the Greatest Spaniel in the World

Having visited my dad out in Cyprus recently I picked up these crucial tips for preparing an energetic springer spaniel for the ever-important annual Paphos Dog Show:

  •  Ÿ  De-worm your dog weeks before the show commences
  • Ÿ  Make sure your dog is absolutely flea free
  • Ÿ  Feed them up on the very best dog food available
  • Ÿ  Crack open the dog shampoo, give them a good blow dry and groom
  • Ÿ  Brush their doggy teeth
  • Ÿ  Clip your dog’s nails
  • Ÿ  Provide them with a good night’s sleep

Thoroughly de-worm and de-flea your dog as soon as possible, using Drontal Plus and Frontline Flea Treatment. Having been a dog owner all his life (more years than he cares to remember), my dad knows what products do and do not work. Drontal Plus is simple to use; one dose every three months for adult dogs effectively protects them against more varieties of round worms and tape worms than any other dog wormer out there.

Frontline Flea Treatment is the ideal product to get rid of pesky fleas and ticks, which seem to be even more common in the warm Cyprus climate. As both products are fairly easy to use, my dad’s springer spaniel ‘Elvis’ was quickly captured, dosed up and released. That is fleas and worms out of the way!

Then, it is important that you feed your pet up on the very best dog food available.
Hard though it is to resist those big brown eyes, a prize winning show dog can’t afford to be carrying extra pounds! So out with the leftover treats and in with Hill’s Nature’s Best Dog Food! Great taste and nutritionally complete – what more could a winner want?

Crack open your dog shampoo, and give them a good blow dry and grooming session.  This was definitely my least favourite task on the list; imagine four hyper wet dog paws, two drenched adults, plenty of swearing, slipping, barking and bubbles and you might be able to picture the chaos. Fortunately the Cypriot sun provided the blow dry and grooming went down well. At this stage I believe Elvis had cottoned on to his impending first big show debut!

Brushing your doggy’s teeth; I honestly believe the less said about this incident the better… Suffice to say the best toothbrush and toothpaste were used and all teeth are now clean. I think next time we are all agreed that teeth cleaning treats like Dentagen are the wisest path to go down. And clipping the dog’s nails with the right equipment was easier than expected. We used Mikki nail clipper.

Then it is time for a good night’s sleep; not just for you but also for your dog!

The dog’s favourite Animal Instincts Duvet provides warmth and comfort, highly recommended along with their range of throws to protect your furniture. Next morning we finally got to the show, and thank god we were on time and all in one piece!

So the all the preparation was finished, and we had used all the best products available to us (luckily Nutrecare deliver to Cyprus). And as my dad and I had put in so many hours of hard work in making Elvis show-ready, we were convinced he was going to win it!

But, we were wrong.

We came fourth, out of five…!

A co-pilot called Ringo. (Yes, seriously, the others are named Lulu and Ozzy)


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