Supplements for Dogs

For years we’ve taken all sorts of vitamins and supplements to ensure that we get the perfect mix in our diets, and to make sure that our lifestyle is as healthy as it can possibly be. It’s no surprise then that we’d wish the exact same healthy lifestyle for our dogs, and that there’s a whole range of dog supplements out there to cater for them.

A constant supply of nutrients can help prevent hair loss and dog moulting, which can be a symptom of stress, over-scratching, or unhealthy skin. Not only that, but a healthy supply of nutrients can revive an otherwise dull and lifeless looking coat, and make your dog look happy and healthy again. A better-quality fur can also help with calming a dog with sensitive skin, who may need to scratch more often to remove irritants that could be caused by broken or dead fur.

If your dog has a skin condition, such as dog dandruff, then a daily intake of vitamins can also prove beneficial. Certain omega vitamins can help moisturise your dog’s skin and prevent it from becoming dry, dead, and flaky. Not only will this make your dog look a lot healthier, but it will no longer feel constantly irritated by the little flakes of skin, and won’t feel the need to scratch as often. This can help your dog immensely – physically, and psychologically.

As we get on in life, we find ourselves needing more and more vitamins to keep up with our lifestyles. Again, this is mirrored in the life of an older dog, which may need more supplements to help with joint pain or arthritis. This way, your pet can run freely without worrying about stiff joints or whether or not mobility will be an issue.

Products like Yumega and Yumove can help promote a healthy lifestyle for your pet, and improve their general wellbeing. If you compare the benefits of your dog taking these supplements with the disadvantages of going without – such as being constantly irritated and having to constantly scratch – it’s obvious that a daily supplement is not much of a length to go to for your pet.

Article by Scott Clawson 



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