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Four Home Remedies for Curing Your Dog’s Cold

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FourFour Home Remedies for Curing Your Dogs Cold Home Remedies for Curing Your Dog’s Cold

A cold, wet nose in the morning is one thing, but when your furry friend has watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, and a runny nose, then he has the symptoms for a cold. Much like humans, there are four home remedies that will help provide comfort to your canine companion.

Colds are dehydrating for humans and pets. Proper hydration helps the natural ability of the body to fight off viruses. Encourage your dog to drink lots of water and change his water at least once a day. It is also helpful to keep his water bowl clean, as well. When your pet is hydrated, it will keep the nasal secretions from becoming thick which can clog up the dog’s nose leading further to breathing problems.

Chicken Soup 
Just like mother made for you, a warm bowl of chicken soup will help comfort your dog as well as keep him hydrated. Low sodium chicken broth, brown rice, and chicken breasts (please leave out the bones) are the perfect ingredients for a soup to comfort a sick pup. Also, just some warm chicken broth will do the trick, as well. A warm bowl of chicken soup will help give his immune system a boost, revitalize his energy, and health.

Steam will open bronchial passages and ease his breathing. One method is to run a hot shower or bath and enclose your pet within the room for about ten minutes. Just make sure you do not put your animal in the hot water. You can also boil a pan of hot water on the stove so that the house will be warm and humidified. There are plenty of humidifiers on the market that you can purchase at your local store that will humidify your home.

Like people, dogs need rest when they have a cold. Give him only short periods of time outside, especially in winter where the cold air could tighten up his bronchial tubes and make it harder for him to breathe. Keep his area warm and dry. Wooden dog crates with a soft blanket on the bottom, and a fluffy dog toy provide a cozy environment for recuperation.

Check with your veterinarian for recommendations on other home remedies such as Vitamin C, Echinacea and garlic. If symptoms persist past a few days, then call your vet for further testing. Hydration, rest, and chicken soup will help provide comfort and help cure your dog’s cold.

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