Take The Dog For A Walk And Lose Weight

If you are one of those people that find it hard to motivate yourself to exercise like you should, enlist the help of your furry four legged friend, your dog.

In fact, dogs love to go for walks (or runs). So you can count on your dog to provide you with motivation to get out there and take that walk you’ve been putting off.

Make Dog Walking a Family Event

Make Dog Walking a Family Event

Taking a walk is good for both of you. We recently found out that our dog could also stand to lose a few pounds. Even though we live out in the country and our dog can run around outside at will, our vet told us it wasn’t the same as taking her for a daily walk.

So my husband, I, and the dog started to take a daily walk. I go along on these walks, but I don’t actually hold the leash. Our dog doesn’t actually believe in going for a “walk.” Instead, she prefers to go for a “drag.” We think she’d make a great sled dog since she always wants tension in her leash and will pull and pull. It hurts my arm just to hold the leash so I make my husband do it.

At first, we took it slow. we would walk just a mile. Over time, we’ve built up to a 3-4 mile walk every evening. sure, there are days where neither of us feel like taking that walk but our dog really doesn’t care if we feel like walking or not. When the time comes for her to take her walk, you’ll find her impatiently waiting by the door.

We do our best not to miss any nights since she has become accustomed to the routine (and so have we). We only skip a night if the weather is particularly bad.

At this point you’re probably wondering if we saw any results. We did. The dog lost two pounds by taking her nightly walks. My husband lost 10 pounds without making any changes to what or how much he eats. I lost even more than that but I also make some changes to what I ate.

Now I’m not going to tell you to get a dog just so you can get in your exercise everyday. They do require a fair bit of attention, but if you already have a dog, then get your butt off the couch and take the dog for a walk. It will be good for both of you.

And, if you have been wanting to get a dog anyway and are ready for the commitment of caring for a dog and giving it the exercise it needs, then visit your local pound and talk to them about adopting a dog who needs a loving home.

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