They Eat it and They Roll In It -Yuck!

Why do dogs eat droppings?

Almost without exception when a dog eats his own waste matter or indeed that of another animal ,the owner is appalled and revolted ,thinking perhaps that he has a perverted dog on his hands!

The correct term for this practice is coprophagia and not only is it common ,it is also normal! It is not a sign of illness and depravity and is a normal part of the food gathering process. As your dog is a carnivore he would kill and eat any animal in the wild and that includes the contents of the bowel…

The droppings of an animal are a great source of various enzymes and a variety of microorganisms. the enzymes help with digestion and the microorganisms are killed when they reach the stomach .Protein,fats and other vitamins are then absorbed by the dog.

Dog who are fed on an artificial diet will often eat their own droppings and the droppings of other animals. If they dog is fed on a natural diet then he will not eat his droppings as they will be powdered bone and of little value . He may still eat the droppings of other animals.

If you want to give your dog the vitamins and probiotics he needs then you can feed him yogurt,cottage cheese and eggs. However, he may still want to eat droppings as it is normal. Dogs will also eat soil and this is for the same reasons.

Sniffing Dog

Sniffing Dog

Why do dogs roll in droppings?

When our dog decides to roll himself in animal droppings we are horrified by this disgusting habit and the smell that drifts our way! To the dog this is a normal instinctive behavior and, in fact, the worse he smells the better he feels. Dogs do this to appear superior to other dogs

This behavior goes back to when dogs were wild .A pack leader would roll himself in strong smelling droppings to remind the rest of the pack who is boss. A younger member of the pack would also do this if he wanted to challenge the top dog

Although pet dogs have been domesticated for quite some time, this instinctive behavior still remains. Your dog could also do this if there is a tussle over pack leadership in order to impress you!

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