Three Advantages to Building Your Own Dog House

When shopping around for a dog house, you will find that the pricing options can vary significantly. Models include everything from great budget buys to elegant mansions, leaving endless options for any owner. However, if you are on a tighter budget or would like to put your own special touch and creativity into this important project, making your own dog house plans may be the best avenue to take. Therefore, let’s discover three huge advantages to building your own dog house.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

First of all, no one understands a dog better than its owner. Therefore, only you have the insights and knowledge handy to truly make this feel like home. For example, perhaps your dog is more susceptible to cooler temperatures, or maybe it prefers to have a lot of open space while sleeping. Additionally, if you have a smaller dog, it may help to build a sturdy ramp up to the front door for easier accessibility. When installing the roof, you also have the choice of making it flatter so your dog can enjoy lying on it outside. Of course, the options are endless!

Next, you can tailor the budget to fit your needs. Instead of trying to decide between the small dog house that doesn’t have quite enough head room, or a large dog house which clearly provides too much space for an extremely high price, you can build it just right. Now you are in control of making the proper measurements and purchasing the exact amount of materials needed for completion. In fact, with the proper estimates, you can know exactly how much you will spend before you even begin.

Finally, you can purchase the best materials for a fraction of the price. By creating your own dog house plans, you will be avoiding a lot of those extra retail costs. Thus, you may even decide to upgrade to a higher quality wood or install 30-year shingles for added protection. Find the materials that work best for your climate and situation, while providing a beautiful aesthetic appeal everyone will enjoy. The sky is truly the limit!

As you can see, there are many advantages to making your own dog house plans. If interested in learning more, there are various courses and other free resources online that can help guide you through the process, regardless of your skill level. Therefore, continue to do your research and homework. You may be surprised at how easy building a dog house can truly be.

Jeff Logue is co-creator and primary author of the dog house plans blog, providing the best tips and training for building your own dog houses.

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