Twitter is a Great Way to Meet Other Dog Lovers

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The best thing about Twitter is that you can do a quick search to find like-minded people. Teachers, writers, photographers, celebrities, Susan Boyle lovers, all are tweeting away and just waiting to have another follower. Oh yeah that’s the other thing. On Twitter you get to follow and be followed. Its great fun to see how many people you can woo in 140-characters or less.

Of course I did my usual search for dog lovers and was not disappointed. A long list of dog lovers came up, some promoting businesses and services and some just promoting their dog. It’s a great resource for free advice on training, feeding, breeding and generally caring for your dog. Here are some of the best dog-related Twitterers I’ve found:

@ EcoPup: Boasts Eco-friendly clothing and accessories for your pawsitively posh pets!

@ Dogfessions: Its Nikki Moustaki, author, TV/Radio personality, dog trainer, pet industry expert. She also runs and

@Petigreeworld: On Twitter to educate, inspire and create a world of entertainment for you, your lifestyle and your trusted pet. Can be found at

@Bluebeagle2: Just a cute beagle who checks in.

@TheHusky: The life and times of Misty The Siberian Husky.

@TheDogExpert: Sheryl Matthys, The Dog Expert, Dog Trainer, CEO of Lots of fun tips on behavior.

@dogdiaries: Its a social community for dog lovers. Check them out at

@sylviedog: Chicagoan Sylvie whose hobbies include sleeping, eating cookies and yelling at Mugsy.

@iPuppyCam: all about puppies!! Gotta love it!

@Woofcp. Pet gifts.

Like I said, these are my favorite Twitters. Each one has something I love to check up on even if its just an adorable picture of Sylvie sleeping on her doggie bed. What can I say? I really REALLY like dogs. So if you get a chance, give these people a look and see what they can do for you and your dog. Twitter them! I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to tweet back!

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