Urge the FDA to Ban Poisonous Dog Treats Imported from China

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Ban Poisonous Dog Treats from China

Dogs are more than just great pets. For many, they are best friends, cherished companions, and members of the family. The loss of a dog to sickness is felt just as strongly as the loss of a dear loved one. Recently, thousands of dog owners have seen their beloved pets die tragically or suffer from severe illness due to toxic chicken jerky treats from China. One moment they were giving their dog a deserved reward, the next rushing to the veterinarian.

While the FDA launched an investigation into the official cause, Chinese law and other barriers severely hindered any progress in the matter. What is worse, until a cause can be identified, the FDA is unable to require a recall–and Chinese dog treat companies have shown they would rather continue to profit than save dog lives by voluntarily removing their products from stores.

Something must be done! Implore the FDA to place an immediate ban on all dog treat imports from China until this situation is resolved!

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